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Call for Presentations

Justice of Place: Energy and Environmental Justice in the Built Environment
Submissions Due 
September 1, 2023
Extended Date!


  • Equity and environmental justice

  • Zero energy/ building electrification

  • Policy solutions, engagement, and advocacy

  • Affordable housing and planning

  • Healthy spaces - comfort, materials, nature, air 

  • Resilience and adaptation in a warming climate


  • Sessions are encouraged to have 2 to 3 presenters with an optional moderator. 

  • Presenters may submit complete sessions or as individuals. Individuals will be expected to work with their assigned panel to generate the final presentation, or will be slotted into a pechakucha session.

  • Presenters may submit more than one session.

  • Sessions are estimated to be 60-90 minutes long including Q&A.

  • Audience is estimated to be between 30-150 per session.

  • Proposal must be educational and not a sales presentation.

  • Sessions may incorporate an interactive breakout component.


  • Your name, email address, and phone number

  • Session topic category

  • Topic addresses policy or practice

  • Topic material is how advanced? 

    • 101 for beginners

    • 201 for those with subject matter familiarity

    • 301 for professionals and experts

  • Target Audience 

    • Advocates, policymakers, and legislators

    • Builders and contractors

    • Building owners, developers, and managers

    • Community, nonprofit, and government agencies

    • Design practitioners (architects, engineers, consultants)

    • Healthcare Professionals

    • Finance and insurance professionals

    • Product manufacturers

    • Real estate professionals

    • Students and academics

  • Session title (80 characters maximum) 

  • Abstract (approximately 50-200 words)

  • Ideal session length in minutes

  • Presenter Biographies (maximum 100 words each)

  • How will you address issues of equity?

  • Will the audience be left with a clear idea of how they can take action?

Sessions and presenters will be selected ​based on overall quality, thematic relevance, well-defined focus within the topic areas, practical application of material, timeliness of the topic, regional specificity, and speaker qualifications. We are looking for good representation across topics, beginner and advanced material, target audiences, and policy and practice.



September 1, 2023 - submissions due by 11:59pm.

September 9, 2023 - presenters will be notified only if selected, and will receive a free summit pass.

October 16, 2023 - selected presenters will be required to submit their draft presentations.

November 6, 2023 - final presentations due.

November 17, 2023 - Day of summit - in person presentations


The organizers will seek CEU accreditation for selected presentations.

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