Climate action and justice in the built environment

March 25-26, 2021 - Virtual Event

NESSBE (Northeast Summit for a Sustainable Built Environment) is a biennial northeast regional summit meant to include a larger community of building professionals, owners, academics, policymakers, advocates and students in a conversation about sustainability in the built environment. 

NESSBE organizers are the Connecticut Green Building Council (CTGBC) and the Connecticut Living Future Collaborative (CTLFC)

We have less than a decade to reverse current greenhouse gas emissions trends to avoid the most devastating effects of climate change. The intention of this summit is to explore the means and solutions for meeting this challenge in the built environment, while improving the quality of life for all CT residents, and lifting up our most vulnerable communities.

The summit goals are to:
•    Accelerate the sustainable transformation of the built environment
•    Educate Legislators and Advocates
•    Convene partner organizations
•    Understand the current status of climate action in CT
•    Learn from policy precedents from other jurisdictions
•    Define barriers and brainstorm solutions
•    Highlight and promote GC3 recommendations

The summit themes will be:

•    Equity and environmental justice

•    Embodied carbon

•    Zero energy/ building electrification

•    Policy engagement and advocacy

•    Affordable housing and planning

•    Water conservation/ water energy nexus

•    Healthy places - materials, nature, air quality

•    Resilience and adaptation


"The speakers and participants came from a wide array of areas of expertise and focus.  Hearing how others work toward building sustainable communities and buildings within different frameworks gave me take-aways that continue to inform my own work."  Becky Nichols, Pirie Associates

"It was a great networking event and opportunity to share ideas with committed people." Matt Root, Integrated Eco Strategy

"NESSBE offered several interesting workshops, a host of networking opportunities, and hands-on collaboration with experts and passionate people with whom I still communicate today!"  Kristen Coperine, Green Thread Consulting

"NESSBE helped me understand where sustainability and resiliency is heading and allowed me to meet with practice leaders and experts." Wayne Cobleigh, GZA

"The sessions were forward thinking and thought provoking. I have never made it to the west coast for Living Future so this was a great local alternative."

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